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6 Reviews for “Hotel Nikko Guam”
  1. May 27th, 2012
    Gym Exercise Says:

    I’ve stayed there many times, and if there is a gym at this hotel, then it’s hidden some where not in the hotel. There is no gym here.

  2. July 31st, 2011
    George Says:

    Our stay was worth every penny. They know how to treat their guests. Our room was great. We had an amazing view from our balcony.

  3. June 13th, 2011
    Assunta Says:

    All of the staff here in Hotel Nikko undoubtedly knows how to treat and pamper their guests. The place was beautiful and impressive.

  4. May 6th, 2011
    Helen Says:

    Hotel Nikko was a bit expensive but I was impressed when we arrived. Their rooms were big and clean. The bed was king-size and comfortable. Good air conditioning, wide balcony and very nice bathroom. All in all, it was simply worth our money.

  5. April 20th, 2011
    Daisuke Says:

    It was a lovely place. They have everything a tourist or business person would need. They have big nice rooms, awesome pool, and fast internet access. I fell in love with their beautiful garden and amazing white beach. I’ll be back here soon! 😉

  6. April 7th, 2011
    Evalyn Says:

    Our visit in Hotel Nikko has been quick, however it was incredibly memorable. It was a one-of-a-kind feel. The staff was friendly and courteous. It was in fact worth every penny.

Hotel Nikko Guam Phone Number:

(671) 649 8815

Hotel Nikko Guam Address:

Hotel Nikko Guam

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