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Condominiums in Cebu City
Best Hotels with: Mini-bar in Guam. Guam Hotels with: Mini-bar. guam travel, A mini-bar typically comes in the form of a counter and a small refrigerator stocked with beverages and snacks that are precisely inventoried. This is very common to hotels or accommodation businesses in convenience of their guests. A mini-bar is commonly stocked with small bottles of soda, juice, and alcoholic drinks as well as biscuits, chocolates, candies, cookies, sandwiches and other types of snack. Having a mini-bar in your hotel or room just means more convenience to each guest as it saves them time and effort. The guests can take a beverage or snack at any time during their stay. On the other hand, the prices here are generally higher compared to similar items purchased from a store. This is because the guest is paying for the convenience of the items and upkeep of the bar thus prices of the items vary.
In addition to that, many hotels have progressed further in making their guest’s stay as convenient and relaxing as it can be. They now offer non-food items, like internet connections or access – free or with some fee – condoms, socks, toiletries and more. All of these items are recorded and tallied, and is paid before the guest checks out. Guam Mini-bar | z 4:47 am | Wednesday, November 26, 2008 | HotGuam-Hotel | 4:47 | | 2008, November 26, Wednesday | guam vacation, 4:47 | Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 | 4:47 am