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5 Reviews for “LeoPalace Resort Guam”
  1. January 22nd, 2012
    Rocio Merrill Says:

    I would like to speak with your sales department regarding a company retreat at your hotel.

    Please send telephone numbers information or email address of the person I should speak with.

    I’ve called you phone numbers but there is no answer?

    Thank you.
    Rocio Merrill

  2. August 3rd, 2011
    RnR Says:

    My room had internet connection which was pretty convenient. The room was not stuffy and very spacious. I was relaxed because it was very peaceful. Their staff was also very accommodating to my requests.

  3. May 6th, 2011
    Josh Says:

    Their staff was polite and attentive which is a big deal for me. They know how to pamper their guests. Keep it up LeoPalace Resort!

  4. April 20th, 2011
    Mrs. Browning Says:

    This hotel has one of the best spas I have ever been to! On arrival the staff were so friendly and welcoming, they took time to explain all amenities and services the hotel offers. I am very pleased and I wish I could have stayed a bit longer. ^_^

  5. January 23rd, 2011
    Drew Says:

    I stayed here the night before my birthday and is a wonderful experience. It was a very quiet and peaceful hotel with a romantic view at night.

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