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The epitome of tranquility and pleasure-ground, Hotel Santa Fe Guam offer rooms with magnificent views, relaxing pools, and easy beach access along with a healthy dose of cultural enlightenment.

From the moment one enters the hotel, it is clear that Hotel Santa Fe pays reflection to Guam’s warm and inviting Spanish Heritage. Hotel Santa Fe Guam is located along the white sandy beach of Hagatna Bay. Hotel Santa Fe Guam accommodations combine peaceful Garden View, scenic Mountain View, stunning Ocean View, and Ocean Front with a panoramic view of the sunset.

The rooms offer non-smoking and smoking, connecting rooms, and rooms for the physically challenged. A premier art deco establishment, Hotel Santa Fe Guam offers 110 guestrooms, fully furnished rooms, and wireless Internet access. Banquet rooms are available perfect for receptions and business meetings.

Guest will find ultimate relaxation at the Infinity Pool of Hotel Santa Fe Guam overlooking the expanse of the Philippine Sea. Couples wishing to marry will find an ambience of beauty and romance at the Hotel Santa Fe Guam and enjoy the reception on the poolside.

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4 Reviews for “Hotel Santa Fe Guam”
  1. July 31st, 2011
    Eleazar Says:

    I like that it’s an art deco structure. You don’t get a lot of art deco around anymore. I love my room with the view of the Philippine Sea. It’s pretty affordable. The staff and the place exceeded my expectations.

  2. May 31st, 2011
    Lynne Says:

    Hotel Santa Fe is some-kind of a budget hotel which exceeded all of my expectation from a basic hotel. The place just felt like home but was extra clean and relaxing. I just loved it here, period.

  3. April 20th, 2011
    love2travel Says:

    It was a lovely hotel. I went there last month and had a blast. I recommend it to everyone.

  4. September 14th, 2010
    cindy Says:

    This was the best get away that I had which didn’t cost us a fortune. We had a romantic and relaxing ambiance, we had all that we needed, plus we had the nicest staff on the island. What else can I ask for?

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