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3 Reviews for “Tour of Duty Guam Guam”
  1. May 31st, 2011
    Dew Says:

    I wish they can post some photos of this place. I am looking for a simple budget hotel for my trip on August.

  2. May 25th, 2011
    Martin Says:

    Not one of the fancy hotels in Guam but I prefer it because I makes me feel at home and comfortable whenever I stay here. The staff was nice and the place is accessible.

  3. April 19th, 2011
    Garri Says:

    I flew into Guam on a military flight. This was my first time to stay at Tour of Duty. I was pleased that they have so many discounts for military like me. The best part of it was the courtesy vehicle they provided me during my stay.

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(671) 646-8046/9339

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