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Condominium Mandaluyong

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3 Reviews for “SL Rental Guam”
  1. May 25th, 2011
    Luke Says:

    SL Rental is a pleasant place to stay in Guam. It was clean and homey though it’s not as fabulous as the other hotels I have been to.

  2. May 1st, 2011
    Cormick Says:

    Yes, this is not the best place or hotel in Guam but the prices are reasonable. The the best thing about them was their good staff. They are very friendly and helpful. The food is good too. It has that homey ambiance. All in all the place is commendable.

  3. March 5th, 2011
    Abbie Says:

    So how much does a night cost in here? Can I also see some pictures of the place?

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(671) 646-2331

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