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House and lot Quezon City

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3 Reviews for “Ladera Tower Guam”
  1. May 31st, 2011
    Mint Says:

    JB what do you mean by not a hotel anymore and it’s a very nice place to live? Are they closed and this is just a private property or what? I just got confused with the last part.

  2. August 30th, 2010
    JB Says:

    This is NOT a hotel anymore… it’s a VERY nice place to live!

  3. March 19th, 2010
    Misa ABE Says:

    Ladera Tower Resort
    To Whom it may concern,

    Hello, this is Misa Abe, who is planning to travel to Guam in July.

    I am searching for somewhere our party(6 persons) can stay in one room,for 16,July(Fri)-19,July(Mon).

    Our party consists of one married couple including me, and our male 4 friends.
    It is commemorating gathering after a long interval the 10th anniversary of our graduate year from Osaka  Prefecture University. We are intending no whoop and a holler ever.

    If you have available room, could you kindly let me know the fee?

    I will greatly appreciate if you would give your positive reply at your earliest convenience.


    Misa ABE

    Tokyo, Japan

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